There are the following types of vape.

1) Cig-A-Likes (First Generation)
2) Vape Pens (Second Generation)
3) Mods (Third Generation)
4) Pod Mods
Because of mechanical progressions in vaping, every vape device is portrayed by inventive highlights
that were absent in earlier devices previously. Thus, the numbered age arrangement.
At present, the most up to date devices have third-generation features. Try not to get it bent, however.
The vape devices you pick don’t need to be the best in class. Everything relies upon what works best for you.
You will likewise see that the more seasoned age type devices will have highlights that are up to the present
Along these lines, remember this when you go out on the town to shop! In case you’re interested in figuring
out how these vape pods devices advanced, enjoy a brisk reprieve and read our development of
vaping devices article. There are various types of devices in every classification.
We’ll experience every classification and discussion about how they are distinctive just as examining on the
off chance that it will be a solid match for you! How about we start off with vape mods since they are the
newest and most basic kind of vapes out available.

You may not know what a Cig-A-Like is, yet you no doubt have seen one preceding. Disposables are devices
regularly found in service stations and utilized as a section level vaping devices. The devices are called cig-a-likes
in light of the comparative appearance and size to a genuine cigarette.

Vapor Space Cig-A-like DisposablesVapor Space Cig-A-like Disposables
This is additionally where the term electronic cigarettes started from. The thought behind it was to emulate the smoking experience as close as conceivable to make a smoother change from smoking to vaping.

A cig-a-like is a mouth to lung hit (MTL) device to impersonate the smoking experience.
This means you hold the vape in your mouth before breathing in it into your lungs.
Much like smoking a cigarette or how you would fill cigar smoke in your mouth to hold the flavor.

Vape pens are tube shaped and come in different styles & also known as Disposables. Vape pens are bigger than their antecedent to build battery force and cloud creation. When vape pens turned out in the mid-2000s, the bigger battery size, microchip inside the battery, and the utilization of an alternate atomizer (cartomizer) were viewed as imaginative at that point. With the progressions in vaping innovation, the present vape pens have the absolute most recent highlights fused into vape pens. Vape pens have additionally ascended in prevalence because of the cannabis business as it is utilized to vape blossoms, thinks, and oils.

Masking Disposables By Vapor Space

And keeping in mind that some vape pens and e-cigarettes have been mainstream in the media recently
for bursting into flames or at times detonating. With appropriate vape battery care and furthermore
purchasing an excellent gadget, vape pens are an incredible decision to vape.
Vape pens can be adjusted to be a MTL or Direct to Lung hit device because of the capacity to change the
wind current admission. Direct to lung (DTL) hit are a typical trademark in sub-ohm devices and mod devices.
DTL gadgets take into consideration huge cloud creation since the vape legitimately goes to your lung.
The more the wind current is open; this will give a direct to lung hit. Available today, vape pens have a blend
of second and third-age highlights.
Vape mods are the most recent version of devices in the vaping community known for its capability
and propelled personalization highlights. The term mod begins from when vapers would adjust their
spotlights into a vaping gadget. The explanation vapers macgyvered electric lamps into vapes was for
one straightforward explanation – more mists child! Some time ago, vape fans tested in improving the
current devices and the macgyvered in them needed to realize how far they can push their vapes.

aegis boost kit
Aegis Boost Mod Kit

Despite the fact that they got their fat plumy mists, it didn’t come without some scrappy minutes and
a few blasts. These days, the mods you find in your vape shop look anything besides scrappy.
Because of the standard appropriation and business accessibility of these mod devices, you can locate
a wide scope of upscale plans that securely conveys amazing billows of vape.
Pod mods are the most recent devices that are picking up prominence in the vaping community.
Pod Mods are low wattage devices that are like a cig-a-like and are utilized with nicotine salt e-juices.
Pod systems are a better than ever form of the cig-a-like, and they are the nearest gadget available right
now to smoking a cigarette. The pod is referred to the cartridge and is like the cartomizer as we have clarified
above in the cig-a-like segment. Pod Mods are useful for smokers who are new to vaping.

Pod Stick Pod Systems by Vapor Space

The high nicotine quality from the nicotine salt and the ease of use of these devices cause a smooth
progress from smoking to vaping. Another advantage of these devices is that they are ultra-versatile
and slide into your pocket easily.

Low wattage devices (Below 16 W)

The Use Nicotine Salt E-liquid (35 – 50 mg)

Perfect for smokers new to vaping

Mouth to Lung device


The Ultra-portable – approximately the height of a lighter

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