Tips and Tricks for Getting Views for Beginners YouTubers

Tips and tricks on how to get views for beginner YouTubers – A successful career on YouTube is not easy, especially for beginner YouTubers (small YouTuber). However, there are tips and tricks for watching YouTube videos a lot.

Before we go into the discussion on how to get lots of views for beginner  YouTube , I’ll talk a little about YouTube .

Things you should know about YouTube


YouTube is a social media that displays many videos to watch, just like TikTok .
The longer a person watches videos on YouTube let alone watch advertisements without being skip , the more YouTube makes money.

Usually YouTube will recommend videos that they think are being watched or searched for.

YouTube uses an algorithm to determine the ranking of a video in search (search), including video recommendations.

The YouTube algorithm also determines whether a video will appear or not on the homepage (home page).

So, the video that appears on my YouTube homepage, will be different on your YouTube homepage. That’s all because the YouTube algorithm works.

It’s hard to make a video on YouTube can be trending , especially for days for weeks.

YouTube videos can appear on the side (side bar) on the video suggestion section alone  is  very grateful .

The question is.

Is it hard to be a you tuber?
I often hear the words “It’s really hard to be a you tuber if it’s not famous from the start like the artists”.

That’s NOT TRUE .

In this article that you read, I will give you tips and tricks on how to get views for beginner  YouTube by understanding how the YouTube algorithm works so that it  works for you.

How do you get YouTube videos to get lots of viewers?

1. Selection of YouTube Video Keyword

One thing you need to focus on as a beginner YouTube is search .

The term SEO YouTube .

In order for your video to appear on YouTube searches, the selection of keywords must be precise  and  targeted as well as its placement.

Choose derivative keywords (long tail keywords) that you can win in the search rank (search) on YouTube.

Also choose keywords that fit your YouTube niche channel with a specific target audience.

DO NOT choose basic keywords that contain one word, because you will lose competition with other strong competitors.

If the video keyword selection has been set, enter the keywords (keywords) into the TITLE, DESCRIPTION, TAG, and CONTENT discussion on your YouTube video.


  1. Watch the YouTube Video CTR
    After your YouTube video appears in a search on YouTube, don’t be happy just yet.
    There are several factors that must be considered, one of which is  your YouTube video CTR .

    What is YouTube CTR?

CTR stands for Click-Through Rate which means how much chance YouTube users click on your video.

How to increase the YouTube video CTR value ?


Thumbnails play a very important role in increasing the value of CTR so that a YouTube video has many viewers.

The trick to increasing YouTube CTR is to create attractive , cool, high-quality thumbnails and make people curious to click on your YouTube videos.
Don’t forget to make TITLE for interesting and interesting YouTube videos .

But keep in mind.

do not do it CLICK BAIT good at making thumbnails and titles. Both must represent the contents of your YouTube video.

3. Video Engagement

The most important factor in a successful career in the YouTube world is video engagement.


If interpreted in the Indonesian language that is video ties.


As a beginner YouTuber, you must pay attention to these factors.


Engagement video on YouTube means the interaction between the audience (viewers) to the contents of the YouTube video content.


The more LIKES, COMMENTS, and retention of the TOTAL TIME that is watched on a video, then YouTube will recommend those videos that are really liked by people (viewers).


Do not underestimate this factor.


Therefore, make YouTube video content that is interesting, entertaining, and hypnotizing YouTube users. So people will feel at home and linger watching your YouTube videos.


Do not let the duration of your YouTube video 10 minutes, but the average amount of time watched videos under 1 minute.


This will destroy the value of your YouTube engagement video.


And if someone comments on your YouTube video, REPEACH the comment. Because that’s where the interaction will occur.


Tips and Tricks: Make sure after you upload a YouTube video, make yourself the first person to watch your YouTube video until it runs out and give it a LIKES.




This will increase the amount of time your YouTube video shows and as a good start for video engagement status.


So gaess …


Engagement video is very influential on the quality, search rankings and the number of your YouTube video impressions.


Besides that, video engagement also increases the chance of your video being promoted by YouTube which will usually be placed on the homepage (homepage) of each YouTube user.


If so, the number of views (views) of your YouTube video will be many and increased dramatically, can even be viral and occupy the number one trending position.


The effect is money income on your YouTube channel will also increase.

It is very much needed for YouTubers especially beginner YouTubers.

  1. YouTube Video Niche
    One easy strategyto get YouTube views for beginner YouTube is the video niche.
    However, the beginner you tuber mistake is not determining the niche (topic) of their YouTube video.
    As a result Gado-Gado.
    Actually, YouTube and blogs both need a niche.
    Gaess, YouTube niche is important.
    Your niche will help your YouTube channel grow and get YouTube subscribers UK who are interested in your YouTube channel niche.

In addition, the niche determines the position of your YouTube video rankings in the search and the appearance of videos in the side-bar in the related video section.
Tips for selecting and utilizing YouTube Niche:

-Choose a niche that you really master.
Utilize the YouTube video description column by entering the URL link of other related videos (one niche) so that viewers are interested in seeing it.

  1. Consistently Upload YouTube Videos

Don’t discuss YouTube SEO if you rarely upload videos to YouTube.

Uploading YouTube videos consistently and scheduled is MANDATORY for you tubers especially beginner you tubers.


By producing videos and publishing them every day, the audience will know that you are an active YouTuber and deserve to be subscribed.
They will visit your YouTube channel repeatedly to check the existence of the latest video content.
The more videos you upload to YouTube, the greater chance your videos will appear in search results.

Make sure you make high quality YouTube video content that is evergreen.
In essence, do not STOP upload videos if you have just started a career or business on YouTube.

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