Packaging Blue

Packaging Blue


We understand the effort and dedication that our customers invest in developing their products and that is why we strive to help our customers find the best possible packaging solutions to showcase their products.
Our premier products and services are, but not limited to Folding cartons, Custom printed boxes, Offset printing of packages, high level of incorporation of product capabilities, In-house prepress service, Plate making, UV coating, Package Embossing, and Package Windowing.


No matter what industry or domain you operate in, whether you are thinking of launching a brand new product from scratch or simply planning to rebrand your business, we assure to deliver a packaging solution which is in exact accordance to your business/product requirements. We value your business and brand that is why we don’t treat you as just ‘customers’, rather we make ‘business partners’. The prosperity of your product coupled with our product packaging solution is our utmost priority.

WE UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS… is a leading cardboard box supplier specializing in custom cardboard box manufacturing. As one of the leading custom box manufacturers, we offer a wide range of custom cardboard box products. We offer a large design library to choose from as well as a team of experienced packaging consultants that are dedicated to providing individualized services to each customer.

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