How to Increase your Website Reviews in 2020

“Seeing is Believing.”

The competition in the web industry is so massive today that it’s impossible to win the game without having a useful website. The effectiveness of the website is so important that unless you give your visitors something worth to follow, they won’t come to your site.

And the most important thing above all is the customer reviews. The reviews create an interest in your customers, empower their decision-making and persuade customers to hire you for the services.

But you can’t get the reviews with your website only, and you need to work to achieve it. This starts by asking your customer or contacting the influencers to write for you.

If you have a website, but not the reviews, here’s how you can get reviews on your website.


First: Ask your Customers

No one can beat the value of organic customer reviews because it’s most trusted by the clients. So, when you have finished your project with the customers, ask them to drop a review on your website to share their experience.

If you have served a lot of clients in the past but don’t have their reviews, drop them the email and ask to add reviews on your site. Not all clients will reply, but some of them might take your email seriously and can help you in pulling out the review.

Organic reviews not only persuade your customers’ decision to hire you but also level up your brand in the competition. So, for example, if your competitors don’t have reviews while you, on the other hand, have a few organic customer reviews, then visitors will trust your brand more than the competitors.

Second: Collaborate with Influencers

Well, you won’t believe, but Instagram and Facebook Influencers have a great following under their umbrella. You can take advantage of their following by asking them to write a review of your product on their channels.

In addition, you can also collaborate with local bloggers like Local Writer is a website where you can ask them to write a review on their website. This strategy will introduce your product to their audience which will maximize your traffic revenue and also the leads on your website.

By collaborating with a range of local bloggers and influencers, you will increase not only the word of mouth advertising but also your website’s credibility. If you’re a web design company in Dubai, then you’ll need to find the relevant local bloggers to help you write a review of your web design services.

Third: Online Review Widget

Install an online review widget on your WordPress site, and it will integrate all your reviews on one platform, whether it’s on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This will also give the customers the transparency to view the organic reviews from everywhere. And it will also help to have social proof of your website.

Online review widgets help to collate reviews but not in getting so to get the organic reviews, and you will still need to ask your clients.


Fourth: Reward your Customers

Some customers stay quiet and don’t come up to write the reviews unless you give them anything in return. This anything can be a discount in your services, a small gift , a shout-out on the website or many more.

By giving them something of value will lure them into writing reviews for you. They can also give video-testimonials or stories for your social media. In return, you can offer them a complimentary brochure design which won’t take much of your efforts.

Fifth: Social Media Advertisement

By advertising your brand on social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can also let customers write reviews for you.

Know where your potential audience exists and target them on the platform. This will also increase the reviews on your site.

Despite all these, focus on giving the quality services to your client that they end up reviewing your service with their hearts and dedication. This concludes the tip of the day.

Do you have customers review on your website?

If yes, how do you persuade them to write reviews?

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