Drinking Tea is Good or Bad?

The tea that we drink at least 2-3 times a day. Do you know that tea which you consider to be good for reducing laziness, how much harmful is it for our health?

It works as poison in our body after going into stomach. But there are different types of teas and their benefits benefits much as the their disadvantages. By the way, everything gives as much benefit as it does side effect. Drinking too much tea can prove to be harmful for health. Let’s first know the benefits of drinking tea:

The tea contains caffeine and tannin, which gives a feeling of agility in the body.
The amino-acid present in tea keeps the mind more alert and calm.
Tea has antigens that provide anti-bacterial potential.
The anti-oxidants present in tea, keep the immune system perfect and prevent many diseases.
Tea also reduces the speed of old age and protects the body from the damage done with age.
The fluoride present in the tea strengthens the bones and also prevents the formation of worm in the teeth.

Not only this but many research has also revealed that tea is considered beneficial in cancer, high cholesterol, allergies, liver and heart diseases.

Now let us tell you about the harm caused by it:

Drinking  more than  3-4 cups of tea in a day can cause acidity.
The caffeine present in it can increase blood pressure and make it addictive.  There is also a possibility of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain by drinking too much tea.
Drinking too much tea makes the digestive system weak,
Drinking more than 3 cups of tea in a day also has a bad effect on the teeth.

One cup of tea contains 4 grams of Tannin. Which acts as poison in your body, let a cup of tea be left in you for some time. After two hours, see its condition that there will be black tea under the layer of Nicotine above, how much the color changes will go to this natural body Exactly this condition is that tea.

You can see how sticky and thick the layer of tea is with finger, which causes intestinal disorder. See how much tea hurts. Tea only causes confusion of freshness. Therefore, do not put the habit of drinking tea, because of the habit of drinking tea daily, drinking excessive tea is very harmful. It reduces digestibility, burns blood and dries the body.

There is a proper way to make tea.   By boiling it for a long time, a chemical called tannin is released in it, which gives rise to the stomach problem.
Drinking too much tea also leads may problems in our body, which increases arthritis, inflammation of joints. Along with this, there is also a lack of blood in the body.

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