3 reasons why social media marketing isn’t working for your business

3 reasons why social media marketing isn’t working for your business

“Social media don’t work …”. Tell me the truth, how many times have you heard this phrase? I, personally, infinite times.

When you work in the social media marketing team, everything happens. There are customers, for example, who complain that social media don’t help them achieve their business goals. And they are generally those companies that have a poorly managed account, with low-quality photos, non-existent editorial planning, and dilapidated captions. Once, however, I happened to find myself in a restaurant and to notice that some customers ordered a dish showing it to the waiter directly from Instagram. Not from the menu, but the local social account. At this point, one wonders: what is the real difference between these two activities?

The answer is simple: there are some mistakes that companies repeatedly make in social media marketing, and this prevents them from increasing the audience interacting with them. Here are some examples of the mistakes that are most commonly made

  1. Don’t know the audience

This is a common, and somewhat serious, mistake in my opinion. Not knowing the target audience means trying to communicate with everyone. In other words, talk to the wind in the hope that someone will listen to you. On the other hand, if you cannot establish a connection with your audience, how do you think you can sell them your products/services?

That’s why knowing your target audience – and knowing what your users want, or what they need – is essential to optimize the performance of social media marketing.

  1. Don’t be constant

In the age of social media algorithms, being consistent is the key to growing your audience. This does not mean publishing every day at all, but having a schedule that works for your company. And above all, respect it.

Even if you don’t seem to get immediate results, publishing regularly will give your audience a reason to return to snoop on your profile and will allow you to have new and relevant content to show to anyone who wants to meet your company.

In this sense, the key to ensuring a strong social presence is undoubtedly the communication of a strong message. Furthermore, the content to be published must always be in line with what your target audience needs to see/know. By publishing regularly, and keeping your audience up to date, you will gain trust and credibility.

  1. Just try to build a following

I know it may sound a little brutal, but I can’t help telling you that piling up followers like stickers doesn’t make sense. I know, someone will take it badly. Especially those who consider the numbers important, but believe me if I tell you in this case they are not among the elements that matter most to your business.

Building a following that has nothing to do with your business is truly a mission destined to fail, let me tell you. Of course, on the one hand, you will no doubt have the satisfaction of having achieved a good follower record, but on the other, you will find yourself not knowing what to do with it at all. A “many followers, few sales” situation. Let me give a more practical example: imagine managing a Page with 1000 Instagram followers, of which 900 are not at all interested in investing in the purchase of your products. What was the use of creating such an audience then? I leave the answer to you.

But beyond that, you have to consider that numbers of this kind don’t help you in data analysis at all, which will make it even more difficult to understand what your audience needs.

I can shoot an arrow in your favor, saying that I know it takes time to build brand awareness and have a good following. But it seems pretty obvious to me that targeting people who are involved in your message is more valuable than trying to impress users who have nothing to do with your business. On the other hand, as you already know, the follower numbers can be inflated if necessary. It seems clear to me that they cannot have such value, therefore. It is the type of content, combined with the quality of your business, that ensures results on social media, even if in the long term.

At this point, let’s go back to the question that opened the article. What differentiates customers who claim that social media does not work from those who benefit significantly from it? The latter, without a doubt, have a social management that works. They have understood what the public wants to see, they show it constantly and consistently, they observe what is happening and consequently modify their content.

Hard work that someone has to do. And do you want to know something? It is not impossible if you can organize everything. The real big difference between those who are successful on social media and those who don’t have it lies in planning. And in having the needs of the public very clear. And now tell me one thing: do social networks not work?

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